Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Continuing Adventures of Princess Wendy

Hi. I'm the writer here at Murray's, so I guess it's time I wrote an entry for the blog, right?

Many of us at Murray's are involved in interesting extra-curricular activites. Yes, sometimes we emerge from the caves, in search of non-cheese-related (gasp!) endeavors. For instance, in the beginning of my Cheese Career, I helped to start a community radio station in a pleasant town in New England. We had no license, which was fun for awhile, as we were pirates (argh!) but then the FCC shut us down. Whoops. Anyway, now that I'm in NYC, I continue my affiliation with non-commercial radio by volunteering weekly at WFMU. They're not pirates, they have a license. ANYWAY. Some of the staff know I work with cheese, and they ask me cheese-related questions, or test my cheese-related musical knowledge.

On Tuesday, Mike Lupica, WFMU's Special Events Director, Monday night DJ, and all-around Swell Guy, sent me an email about a rather fantastic story from Canada.

Here's a teaser:

Quebec firm abandons lost cheese
Last Updated Mon, 10 Oct 2005 13:50:57 EDT
CBC News

A Quebec cheese company has finally given up on finding $50,000 worth of
cheese it sank underwater in an attempt to make it taste better.

Last year, La Fromagerie Boivin dropped 800 kg of cheese into the water of
the Saguenay fjord, north of Quebec City.

Letting it sit 50 metres underwater was supposed to produce a cheese that
would taste unique, but the company had major trouble finding its sunken

Go here
to read the rest.

I think this is rather timely, considering Murray's is about to kick off our "Scary Cheese" Promotion.

"The Cheese-Creature From The Black Lagoon"?!?

If they find it, we might have to sell it.

Yours In Cheese,
-Wendy M. Levy