Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have you seen this cow?


you remember the calf on the roof of the car?

felicitas, tasio & I stopped off at cornell to have a
look at the campus as I'm sure you & nina do often
with young julian and, in the midst of thousands of kids
(& their parents) returning to school for fall semester
we got pulled over by the cornell university campus police
somewhere around the school for agriculture & sciences
only to be questioned about the 'cow on the roof of the car...'

fortunately, we'd already been quizzed while at the head
of the gorge at watkins glen state parkby a state policeman,
who said,
what's with the cow...

and, once I explained about murray's cheese
& being a food-making dairy farmer
it suddenly got unbelievably complicated...

until tasio walked up & told the state trooper:
we're taking the cow to the farmer's market
to let kids ride on it...

it turns out, a couple years ago some kids stole the cow
and her calf off the roof of the cornell creamery
where they make & sell the ice cream
and then, after some deep time & mystery,
the cow was discovered early one morning,
grazing the infield at the big red ball field...
yet her calf, to this day, has never been seen
( I think the cow might even have been stolen twice)

sergeant scott r. grantz of the cornell university police
explained, with genuine apology, when I handed him my card
(with a picture of a cow on it) that it would have been
a dereliction of duty for him to not have pulled us over,
seeing as they still had that cold case case concerning
the calf lost @ the cornell creamery

I immediately offered to donate the animal
on the roof of our automobile while explaining that
he was a 'blue & white' bull calf of about 8 or 9 months
which would never be seen at the side of a lactating holstein
and sergeant grantz seemed to appreciate both the offer
& the animal insight

but I was thinking
maybe murray's ought to get a new calf for that cow
@ the cornell creamery
the problem is: the fiberglass holstein calf
in my farm catalogue
is something like $1,800...
which is absolutely crazy

(it might be necessary to look deeper into this subject)