Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interns Turned Cheesemakers

You might not know this but Murray’s caves not only age cheese but also mature cave interns into full-grown cheesemakers!

We were so pleased to hear Ilyssa’s and Javier’s story of setting up their very own farm that we wanted to share their e-mail (and pictures!) with you.

Hi Rob,
Yes, we did it! Javier and I found 100+ acres of vacant land (ie nothing - no water, electric, etc.) in central NY (close to Cooperstown) and built a farm (cheese house w/underground cave, barns) - just me, Javier, and sometimes my dad helping out. We have 46 milking goats and a couple of bucks. Here's some pictures to prove it.

Don't know if you recall, but we worked for 2 different cheese makers after leaving Murray's in Feb '06, so we've been pretty busy.

We're getting some nice milk and results, but haven't settled on a signature cheese yet. Trying to pay the bills. The cheese was so lovely during the summer when the goats were browsing! We've been selling locally and getting great reception.

Murray's is always in my thoughts. It had a great impact on us. Thank you.



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