Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Artisan Holidays!

Jasper Hill Farm Co-Owner and Cheesemaker Mateo Kehler wrote in a recent eblast:

Dear Friend of Jasper Hill Farm:

Hi there!

As many of you might have heard Jasper Hill is in the midst of a big
expansion. We are in the process of building a series of subterranean
vaulted cellars to ripen cheese for cheesemakers around the state.
Jasper Hill Farm will become one supplier of many to the Cellars at
Jasper Hill. It is a piece of infrastructure designed and intended to
lower the barriers to entry for new cheesemakers and to deliver
efficiencies and a bundle of services to existing cheesemakers. We are
betting the farm that you will soon be seeing a lot more great cheese
from Vermont.

We are currently working with 10 Vermont cheesemakers, who ship us
their cheese young to age in our cellars. We will soon have capacity
for the production of over 50 cheesemakers. Our goal is to double the
production of farmstead and artisan cheese being produced in Vermont in
order to shift dairy farming away from commodity fluid milk production
to value added on farm processing. This will help protect the working
landscape we love so much by ensuring that small scale family dairy
farming remains economically viable. Sustainability is rooted in
economics and we are hoping to help with the shift. Our friends at
Murray's Cheese, a New York institution, have created a Jasper Hill
Collection that will change with the seasons depending on what is ripe
and ready at the time. The collection will include a range of styles
and milk types and will reflect the best cheeses we have in our cellars
at any given time. Producers we are working with now include Jasper
Hill Farm (of course), Bonneview Farm, our award-winning Cabot
Cloth-bound Cheddar, Grafton Village Cheese Co., Twig Farm, Dancing Cow
Farmstead, Crawford Family Farm, Crowley Cheese Co., Lazy Lady Farm and
a few other small scale local artisan cheesemakers. The Jasper Hill
Collection ships in a handsome handmade wooden box made for Murray's by
Richard Jewett right down the road from the farm.

Cheese makes a fantastic gift and our friends at Murray's Cheese in New
York City
make it easy to give...

Best wishes for a happy holiday season!

Thanks for the support.