Monday, February 04, 2008

The Word on the Curd Nerd

Jamie Forrest is the self-proclaimed "Curd Nerd" of the eponymous blog. If you love our blog, we unofficial curd nerds at Murray's highly recommend it. Last week, Jamie came by for a visit to the cheese caves and a tour with Zoe, our incredibly passionate and knowledgeable affineur. Jamie has featured Murray's before, but his interest was peaked by January's email feature on our subterranean caves.

We're pleased to have Jamie as a new friend in cheese.

Jamie and Zoe walked the caves together while I observed while the two of them discussing incredibly curd nerdy topics like the specifics of bacterial growth on certain rinds, temperature and humidity levels of each cave and the development of molds in each cave. This is what Zoe manages daily, so she revealed a few of her secrets.

After his tour, he skipped off to the counter to sample the fruit of the caves. He ended up with several blues that he planned to make into the Ultimate Super Bowl Blue Cheese Dip. Do you get the correlation? GO BIG BLUE! Read the taste-test results on Serious Eats, another fantastic foodie blog he contributes to.